Pest or Vermin: 

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12-15mm, mid brown, with a yellow brown thorax having two dark brown stripes. Long antennae. Wings full length in male but 2/3 length in the female.
various, Omnivorous including any organic matter including human waste.
The insect prefers a warm moist environment, inside tray wash plant, inside switch boxes, motor housings, panels inside machines, fridge motors, conduits etc. The insect is often found in steamers and around the linings of provers, it can also exploit small gaps squeezing into joints. It will take up residence inside drink dispensing machines, optics, beer and drink coolers, hollow legs of tables and equipment. It can sometimes be found behind door seals and in voids.
The female carries the ootheca until hatching, it is often seen hanging out of the abdomen. 4-8 ootheca are produced each containing 30-40 eggs. Incubation is approx 17 days at 30c. There are 6-7 Nymphal stages to adulthood. The longevity of the insect is 128 days for male and 153 for the female.
Pests and vermin may carry diseases. A disease is an abnormal condition that affects the body of an organism. It is often construed as a medical condition associated with specific symptoms and signs
This cockroach exploits bad hygiene practices and proofing defects, it can contaminate food contact surfaces and food material with vomit and defecated material. It carries diseases mechanically and infests food products causing cost and possible litigation.